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Just for Fun: 50 Shades of Grey Necktie Cookies

50 shades of grey necktie cookies | dailywaffle

Fifty Shades of Grey ties, huh?

I debated whether or not to do this post, mostly because it feels like a Pinterest fail waiting to happen. But what the hell, if you’re even moderately crafty, you can make these grey tie cookies without too much trouble. They certainly won’t look like they came from a bakery where someone with real artistic skill is decorating your cookies, but that sort of fits the bill with these 50 Shades of Grey tie cookies, doesn’t it? Everyone slags the book and yet millions have read it. This Friday theaters will be at capacity with people who want to see Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele brought to life.

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FridayNightSlice: Andouille, Mushroom & Fennel Pizza

The Seattle: Uli's Andouille, Crimini and Beecher's Flagship pizza

Before last weekend’s Super Bowl, you might have seen the Baking Steel’s pizza face off between a Seattle Skittle pizza and a New England sausage pie.  As much as we love Marshawn Lynch around here, I don’t think many of us are sprinkling Skittles on our ‘za.  Ann Osbourne Peavey, who commented on the Baking Steel Facebook post, called for a “REAL Seattle pizza” with Uli’s Famous Sausage and Beecher’s Cheese among other ingredients. With thanks to Ann for the inspiration, I bring you this week’s #FridayNightSlice — an Andouille and Crimini Mushroom pie topped with mozzarella and Beecher’s Flagship. Now that’s a Seattle pizza.

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Superbowl Slice: Spinach and Feta Greek-za

spinach and cheese greek pizza| dailywaffle

Superbowl Sunday is one of the biggest days of the year for pizza consumption. And it’s probably the longest you’ll ever wait for pizza to be delivered. Why not take pity on your pizza guy and make your own?Grab some dough while you’re out stocking up on snacks today and have a go at this Spinach and Feta Cheese Greek-za.  #GoHawks

Want more pizza topping ideas? Hit the search bar up top and type in fridaynightslice.

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Take the Shortcut: Pork Chow Mein

easy pork chow mein | dailywaffle

Stir-fried dishes get all the glory for being quick to prepare. If you’re working with tofu or chicken or just doing a quick vegetable side, it lives up to the hype.  But bring noodles into the equation, as you would for chow mein, and your quick fix dinner goes out the window — if you’re relying on dried noodles. The good news is, you can make this pork chow mein in about half an hour, with one simple change.

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Football Food, Literally: Fried Rice Inarizushi

fried rice footballs lineup| dailywaffle

You’ve seen the Snackadium, the pizza with a pepperoni football, the zillion layer dip, but come Sunday you might want a more literal football food — inari, the sushi we’ve always called “footballs.” The basic inarizushi is simply filled with seasoned white sticky rice, a fancier version might add some shredded teriyaki chicken and carrots, and this one, I went full-on, stuffing it with bacon and char siu fried rice.

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