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Working for the Weekend: Gingery Peach Bellinis

peach bellini with homemade peach syrup| dailywaffle

Something about a bellini feels infinitely more luxurious than your usual mimosa. You can get pretty decent freshly squeezed orange juice almost year round, which makes a mimosa standard. But the bellini is something special, something summer, something more than, especially with your own peach syrup.

After this, you’ll never want a can of peach nectar again.

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Friday Night Slice: Zucchini Cherry Bomb

zucchini cherry tomato flatbread | dailywaffle

The door’s open and I’m staring into the fridge. What’ve I got that might make a good, simple flatbread? No time for sauce, what can I throw on there for a quick snack? What did I get at the farmers market? Zucchini. Corn. Chiles. A basket of grape tomatoes. The dough was already stretched out on the board, so I needed to be fast. I took out the zucchini and remembered that julienne peeler I bought a couple of years ago. It seemed like a good idea at the time, the whole zucchini noodle thing.  The truth is, I made “zoodles” about three times before that peeler went in to the drawer, got shoved to the back, and didn’t come out again.

Turns out, it’s the perfect tool for shaving down a medium zucchini so it’ll cook up quickly without making a watery mess of your pizza. In celebration of actually using that damn peeler again, this week’s Friday Night Slice is the Zucchini Cherry Bomb.  It’s vegetarian, it’s sauceless and it’s delicious.

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Hatch Chile Season: Zucchini Fritters w/ Roasted Green Chile

zucchini green chile fritters|dailywaffle_

The gas burners are just flaming on under tumbling piles of green chiles and already I’m in overdrive. Every year as chile season rolls around, it’s a new challenge. What can I put green chile in this year? My first answer this year: Zucchini Green Chile Fritters.

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Hatch Chile Season 2014

hatch chile roaster | dailywaffle

Dust off your Pinterest boards from last summer, it’s Hatch Chile time again.

This year’s green chile season feels like it’s coming on early, but maybe it’s just my imagination. I picked up my first batch of Anaheims at our farmers market last weekend — in July!  If you’re jonesing for a green chile fix, Hatch roasting events are starting this weekend in Southern California, with events across the country rolling out over the next four to six weeks. We’ll keep a running tally of events below.


Melissa’s Produce Hatch Chile Roasting Events (Gelson’s, Bristol Farms, Sprouts in LA, OC & San Diego, starting August 16)

Frieda’s Produce Roasting Events (Ralphs, Kroger stores in So. Cal, IN, OH and PA)

In the Seattle area, Whole Foods Markets are now taking pre-orders and the Interbay store will host a Green Chile Chili challenge on August 7.

Are you Sincerious?* >> Salted Caramel Ice Cream

salted caramel ice cream |dailywaffle

I had a brief moment of panic. The sugar and water was quickly moving from golden brown to mahogany, so I took it off the heat. It continued to bubble and I thought, what, I’m just supposed to pour this cream and milk in here and hope it doesn’t splatter hot sugar syrup on contact? Apparently, yes. When the cold hit the hot, the sugar seized into a glob. Great. I put the pan back and on the heat and kept whisking. As Winston Churchill said, “If you’re going through hell, keep going.”

Is Salted Caramel ice cream hell? Well, no. With this recipe, it just might be heaven.

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