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Friday Night Slice: Pineapple + Jalapeños = Pineapeño

pineapple jalapeno pizza pineapeno |dailywaffleNo one has really committed to Spring yet.  We’re still in the rainy season and our grill remains bundled up, still in its winter slumber, but this week’s Friday Night Slice is one you can make today and carry into the summer barbecue season. I can’t say I know exactly where this one came from.  Was it a craving for island breezes and sunshine? Or just a passing thought about the pepperoni and jalapeño from Pizza Port? Maybe both.  This week’s slice is a vegetarian pizza I’m calling a Pineapeño.

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Maximum Pesto, Minimum Noodle

basil pesto orzo salad |dailywaffle

Wolf declared this the best pesto he’s ever had. I laughed,  made a “yeah, whatever” face and said, “You’re just hungry.”

It’s the same basil pesto I’ve been making for years and there’s nothing all that unusual about it.  I don’t put pine nuts in it and I add a squeeze of lemon juice to stave off discoloration. So, why talk about it? We made a discovery the other night. The secret here is maximum pesto, minimum noodle.

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Friday Night Slice: Whether You’re 8 or 38 Pizza

pepperoni olive mushroom friday night slice|dailywaffleThe crappy pizzas of childhood scar us all.  Forgettable as they may be, greasy slapdash cardboard slices from Chuck E. Cheese or Peter Piper form our first experiences with pizza.  They create the far end of your spectrum, so that when you come back to that end of the scale around 2 a.m. in your early 20s, you’ll know how bad that pizza is, even if you don’t care because its going to take the edge off a wicked hangover.

Most mark the milestones in their lives with places or people, but have you considered your personal pizza history?

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Baring It All, Down to the Meatballs

greek inspired spinach feta meatballs 2 |dailywaffle

Here’s the deal. Meatballs are not pretty. They’re like most of us – dented on one side, browned but splotchy, hiding beneath a red sauce, and hoping everyone is distracted by the parmesan sprinkled over the top.  F that.  Today, we’re stripping it bare, because what do you have to hide? A meatball is a meatball, and done right, there’s no shame in it.  I’m not your nonna and this isn’t Sunday where we have all day to cook a gravy, so let’s make some Greek-inspired, Spinach and Feta Turkey Meatballs.

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Friday Night Slice: Soppressata Styles

friday night slice soppresata red onion cherry tomatoes| dailywaffleWe’re almost a week into Daylight Savings Time and I still haven’t quite adjusted. 7 am, when it’s just getting light, feels like the right time to get up. Any earlier, it’s pitch black and I just don’t want to roll out of bed, not even for coffee. This week’s Friday Night Slice falls on Pi(e) day, so if you happen to not be fan of flaky-crusted sweet or savory pies, or you just don’t have the time or inclination since we’re all in a bit of a haze, a slice of pizza pie is here to mark the occasion.  So let’s get to this week’s topping inspiration – Fra’Mani soppressata, red onion and cherry tomatoes.

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