Right Now: Cookbook Deals You Just Can’t Pass Up

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This is not usually a deals blog. But when it comes to cookbooks, the price of a hard copy is sometimes enough to dissuade you from picking it up. For $20+, you might just be looking at some pretty pictures once in awhile and not actually cooking from it.  Right now, there are some fantastic deals for cookbooks and food-related books on Kindle. For $1.99 or $2.99, why not grab a copy? That’s less than a cup of coffee!

I’m not just throwing these at you willy-nilly. I own three of them in hard copy, so I plunked down the $20+. That said, full disclosure, the images below have affiliate links, so if you decide to grab a copy, we’ll be getting a few cents for sharing them. Most of them are good through October, but the deals come and go, so don’t dally.

Gjelina is a must-do when you’re down in the LA area. And even if you haven’t had the chance to sample Travis Lett’s food, this book is the next best thing. The vegetables section alone will help you get through the fall and winter: Roasted Cauliflower with Garlic, Parsley and Vinegar; Roasted Yams with Honey, Espelette and Lime Yogurt; Pan Roasted Baby Carrots, Orange, Cilantro, Sesame and Spiced Yogurt. Yes, please.

Delancey is consistently regarded as some of the best, if not *the* best pizza in Seattle. But getting the doors open on the place was a labor of love, sometimes more labor than love. In the same lyrical style as “A Homemade Life,” Molly Wizenberg shares the story of how she and husband Brandon Pettit put Delancey together piece by piece, from the space to the oven to casting their own concrete tables.

I come back to Plenty every year when I need vegetarian inspiration. In the dead of winter, there’s nothing like Ottolenghi’s Bittersweet Salad with blood oranges, radicchio and ricotta or his Sweet Winter Slaw that has a bit of an Asian bent. Savoy and red cabbage are punched up with a bit of tropical fruit, mint and macadamia nuts and dressed with a soy/lime juice dressing.

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