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Maximum Pesto, Minimum Noodle

basil pesto orzo salad |dailywaffle

Wolf declared this the best pesto he’s ever had. I laughed,  made a “yeah, whatever” face and said, “You’re just hungry.”

It’s the same basil pesto I’ve been making for years and there’s nothing all that unusual about it.  I don’t put pine nuts in it and I add a squeeze of lemon juice to stave off discoloration. So, why talk about it? We made a discovery the other night. The secret here is maximum pesto, minimum noodle.

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Honey Orange Ginger Waffles

honey orange ginger waffles | dailywaffle

For a blog called DailyWaffle, there are few actual waffles in these pages. It’s not for lack of consumption. The truth?

Waffles rarely stick around long enough in our kitchen to get photographed.

Whether I’ve planned ahead with an overnight batch of yeasted waffles, or just whipped together a batter, more often than not, we’re standing in the kitchen, coffee in one hand, waffle in the other, eating them almost as fast as they come off the waffle iron.

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OMG: Olive Oil Cake with Clementine Marmalade

This week there were two desserts on Serious Eats I bookmarked to try — first, this maple cake with brown butter apples and this olive oil cake with tangerine marmalade. I took it as a sign from the universe that just because it’s only half way into January, there’s no reason I shouldn’t have dessert. And the olive oil cake is practically heart-healthy, on account of the olive oil and all. It’s literally a single layer olive oil cake soaked with tangerine marmalade. And if you saw the Clementine-Ginger marmalade I made last weekend, well, it was kismet, or serendipity, or maybe just plain timely.
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Photo One-Off: Pistachio Olive Oil Cake

Pistachio is in my top three when it comes to gelato, so Francis-Olive’s pistachio olive oil cake over at Farm to Table Geek spoke to me from the moment I saw it (on Tasteologie, I think). When it comes to fall, pumpkin yells at you, “Hey, look at me! I’m orange! Like the leaves outside. It’s fall!” But this one, the pistachios and the olive oil lean over and whisper, “Psst. Over here. No, no. Over here. It’s fall.”

I’d only planned as far as procuring the nuts, so I used Greek yogurt in place of creme fraiche and omitted the orange flower water. The orange zest on its own provided the perfect whisper of citrus for me. This came out with a texture closer to a quick bread – so heed the warning about 2 or 3 passes on folding in the egg whites. The recipe is in metric measurements, so I’ll make it again soon to figure out the US “customary” measure…sometimes I can’t believe we’re 1 of 3 countries still not using the metric system.