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Pretty As a Peach and Nectarine Cobbler

When I went to the farmers market on Saturday, I already had peach cobbler on the brain, so I picked up some beautiful Sweet Scarlet peaches from Tiny’s Organic. They cost almost twice as much as the going rate at other stands, but it was worth it. Sweet Scarlet is a yellow-fleshed peach, and it’s lower in acid, so you get the pretty color of a yellow peach with the sweetness of a white one. I swear the sign said they were freestones (the Internet appears to differ on that point), but when I got them home…they just weren’t. Those little guys were clinging to their pits as if holding on for dear life.

And then I uttered what may be one of the saddest sentences spoken on a summer Sunday afternoon, second only to, “The grill is out of propane.”
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