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Comfort Food, Dead Ahead: Chicken Tetrazzini

This week, fall has slammed into us full force. The rain came in over the weekend, and then last night, it was stormy enough that we lost power for a few hours in the middle of the night.  It’s a good thing, the yard is in desperate need of a soaking, and with that soaking, all we want is comfort food. I’m not alone in this, since everywhere I look lately, all I see are pot pies and soups.  I’m not usually one to jump the gun on holidays, but this recipe originated with Thanksgiving turkey leftovers and has migrated to chicken during the rest of the year.  Named for an opera star in the early 20th century, so the story goes, you’ll be singing for your supper when this is on the menu. Ladies and gents, I give you, Chicken…..Tetra…..zzini!!

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Photo One-Off: Best Leftovers So Far – Pumpkin Pie Zoku Pop

The Libby’s Pumpkin Pie recipe from the back of the can is tradition in our family. But whenever I make pumpkin pie, I always have a little bit of pumpkin pie mix leftover, which I usually bake alongside the pie in a little ramekin. And that little crustless thing dries out in the fridge and never gets eaten. So this year, it went into the Zoku pop maker.

The Best of Leftovers: The Grand Finale – Turkey Soup

Come Sunday after Thanksgiving most people have about had it with turkey. You’re craving a juicy burger with blue cheese or a fat slice of pepperoni pizza…just about anything other than poultry.

But then, you have to stop yourself.

Turkey soup comes but once a year. You might have ham or a crown rib roast or takeout Chinese at Christmas. But turkey? Maybe, maybe not. And so to celebrate the end of a long weekend we finish Thanksgiving with a big pot of turkey soup.

There’s hardly even a recipe here…you just need a lazy Saturday to make the stock and half an hour or so on Sunday. Pick over your turkey carcass (Very glam, I know. It helps if you have two big black labbies standing by to help pick up the stray pieces.) Stick the bones in the biggest pot you’ve got and cover with cold water.

Add an onion (roughly chopped), a couple of carrots snapped in half and a couple of stalks of celery. Add a bay leaf, a teaspoon of thyme, some S&P. Bring it to a low boil — and I mean low — just so a few bubbles break the surface at a time. And let it go for at least 2 hours. Three is good, too. Just make sure you have enough time to let it cool down before you put it in the fridge.