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What’s That Song in Go90’s Confess?

Colleen Hoover’s Confess is a book that gets you right in the feels. The TV adaptation premieres Tuesday on Go90 (available on the Web and on iTunes and Android) and the first two episodes dropped early to give viewers a taste of Auburn and Owen’s story.

For those who haven’t read the book, Auburn Reed’s first love dies and some years later, she’s moved to LA from Portland to get her life on track and be closer to her son, who lives with his grandmother. She stumbles on a last minute job at an artist’s studio where she meets Owen Gentry. His paintings are based on confessions people drop through the mail slot in his door. While the chemistry between Auburn and Owen is pretty much instant, falling for a hot artist is not part of her plan.

Although Auburn is clearly attracted to Owen, she’s dodging it at every turn. In the second episode, she agrees to a picnic in his loft and the two slow dance to What If I Can, an intimate, atmospheric, alt-R&B song that pretty much captures all the yearning what-ifs between the two of them.

It’s the work of Shy Girls, stage name of artist Dan Vidmar, who’s based in Portland. His self-produced album, Salt, dropped earlier this year, and if you like What If I Can, the whole album has a similar vibe. He’s also performing on April 20 at Portland’s Revolution Hall as part of the Soul’d Out Festival.

Full review of Confess to come.

UPDATE 4/4: I created a full Confess on Go90 Spotify playlist.

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