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Trader Joe’s Coffee Cavalcade + Mocha Joe-Joe’s

Need a jolt? Head to Trader Joe’s. Following last year’s mango madness, Trader Joe’s is back with a cavalcade of sweet and savory coffee-flavored products, from coffee flour to caramel macchiato yogurt and ancho chile chicken sausages with ground coffee.  The item that everyone’s bound to go ga-ga over is the mocha-flavored version of Trader Joe’s Oreo copycat, the Joe-Joe.

trader joe's mocha joe joe's

For me, the Mocha Joe-Joe’s come in third after regular Joe-Joe’s and the seasonal peppermint Joe-Joe. They had more creme filling than I like and they were a bit light on coffee flavor.  But unlike the caramel macchiato yogurt, which straight up tasted like instant coffee, these get their jolt from ground coffee beans. If you’re definitely after cookies, go with the original Joe-Joe. Otherwise, grab a quart of Trader Joe’s chocolate chunk ice cream and call it good. And Canadian friends, I wouldn’t drive across the border for these.  And btw, they’re product of Canada, so I’m betting you can find something similar at the grocery, although the Dare website had every flavor BUT mocha.

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