Book Review: Nine Kinds of Naughty by Jeanette Grey

Jeanette Grey’s latest is a steamy, sexy, scorcher of self-discovery.

**ARC won in a Twitter contest from the author/publisher**

Jeanette Grey has a serious knack for bringing together gorgeous European locales, smokin’ hot sexy times and stories of self-discovery. Seven Nights to Surrender and Eight Ways to Ecstasy explored the theme with an aspiring artist and a dude dodging his family’s expectations while bumming around Paris. In her latest, Nine Kinds of Naughty, the series moves to the corporate world.

With a title like Nine Kinds of Naughty, yes, it’s a scorcher.

Lexie Bellamy earned her seat at the table working twice as hard to prove she was as good, if not better than her brothers. Yet, she’s not CEO. For the last several months, she’s been keeping her family’s business afloat and its board at bay, while her brother Rylan figures himself out. Work is her life and she’s only got one gear: overdrive.

Monday through Friday, Dane Huntley is her assistant. On his own time, he’s an adrenaline junkie constantly seeking the freedom and the rush of the outdoors. He’s an alpha doing time as a beta.  But he has other hobbies where he’s the one in control. The balance keeps him sane.

When the two head to Spain to close a key deal and shore up the business in Europe, the balance rapidly shifts for both Lexie and Dane. Taken out of their usual routines, and giving in to the attraction simmering between them, the two embark on a relationship that flips the power dynamic of their work relationship. (HR departments everywhere are cringing).

Where Seven and Eight were about the sweet whirlwind of the random meeting romance, Nine gets dirty. C-words are dropped. If you’re reading it on the train, you might blush or have to fan yourself, or both. Christian Grey has nothing on Dane Huntley. The hows and whats of the sex aside (don’t worry, there’s plenty), it’s ultimately the connection and the power exchange between Lexie and Dane that allows both of them to break free of expectations and figure out what they want from life.

Steamy, sexy, sizzling…if you aren’t reading Jeanette Grey’s Art of Passion series, put it on your TBR now. 

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