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Damn, That’s Good: The First Mess’ Lentil Soup

It’s soup season. But have you already run through your tried-and-trues? Chicken noodle, beef stew, chili, vegetable, butternut squash are on repeat, right? It’s time to reconsider lentil. Look, I’m with you, lentil soup at its worst is brown slop from the 70s. Let me introduce you to lentil soup at its best — The First Mess’ Lentil Soup.

The recipe was originally vegetarian, and the few tweaks I make to the recipe that take it out of that category. Along with the onions, I render off some diced bacon and I use chicken broth since it’s what I usually have in the cupboard. The soup gets its gorgeous orange-red hue from a big can of diced tomatoes, and while it’s still no beauty queen, the layering of the flavors delivers a bowl of soup that is nothing short of delicious.

One other note, the herbs are flexible. I can’t say I ever have tarragon in the fridge, but a sprig of fresh rosemary works great, too.

RECIPE: The First Mess’ Lentil Soup

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