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The Carlile Room’s ‘Work Release’ Series Goes to South Texas

When you’re out to dinner, you have to make the choice between whether you’re there to enjoy the food or shoot it. If you’re with friends, you might be able to get away with standing up in the middle of the meal to get an overhead shot, but when you’re seated communally, not so much. Earlier this week, OJ and I went to Work Release #3, the latest in a series of dinners the Carlile Room is doing to give line cooks around town a platform to share their food.

Palace Kitchen cook (Is it Norm? Is it Matt?) Broussard was the mastermind behind Tuesday’s menu which was guided by the food he grew up with in South Texas. Given my obsession with chiles, you know why this particular dinner was an obvious choice for us. Of course, Dezi threw in a couple of bonuses as well. You can catch the glamour shots on both ACookNamed Matt and Chef Dezi’s Instagram accounts. This is the view from the table. (Next time, I’m sneaking in the back).

It was ALL delicious, but for me, the best dish on Matt’s menu might have been the Pulpo al Pastor with a cilantro tortilla. I’m not big on seafood and I was really surprised at how much I liked the octopus. Dezi’s bonus beef course with miso-refried bean “sauce” was also a standout.

Work Release #4 is slated for November 30 with the Carlile Room’s own Creston White. Keep an eye on the Tom Douglas Restaurants Events page for tix and info.


Work Release #3 at the Carlile room with (Norm?) Matt Broussard, who cooks at Palace Kitchen.


The Amuse: Cucumber virgin margarita shot with salted radish and roe.


Green beer: Tecate with poblano, tomatillo and a tajin rim.


Pulpo al pastor: Grilled octopus on a cilantro tortilla with chorizo. One of my favorites of the night.


Posole rojo with crunchy fried pork belly and garnished with corn nuts.


Dezi’s bonus course – the co-llab. Beef tenderloin with a miso refried bean sauce, shishitos and corn.


Matt’s take on flan & bunuelos. Creme caramel with hibiscus crystals and itty bitty fried flour tortilla rounds.


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