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The Easiest Zucchini Salad You Will Ever Make

Simplicity is a hallmark of Japanese home cooking. Sometimes, it’s simplicity to the point where you actually have to ask yourself, how does this require a recipe? Often, it doesn’t. Most of my grandma’s “recipes” were like that. Take the scribbled list of ingredients and figure it out. This list is adapted from a recipe in Nancy Singleton Hachisu’s Japanese Farm Food, a book I’m just starting to dig in to.

japanese zucchini carpaccio| dailywaffle

  • Zucchini, thinly sliced
  • Jacobsen’s kosher sea salt
  • Canola Oil
  • Raw sesame seeds, freshly toasted

There’s no hidden secret here. The deliciousness is in the simplicity and the presentation.

A word on the sesame seeds. It’s the most important item in the list.  Don’t cut corners and use the already toasted goma-ae canister sitting in your cupboard. Toasting raw sesame seeds in a pan over medium-high makes 1000% difference in the final dish. Toasting takes just a couple of minutes. You can figure out the rest from the photo. It really is that simple.

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