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The Cocorano – Coconut Gin Fizz with Dry Sparkling Serrano Pepper

Linger in Denver, Colorado knows how to do brunch. The food is always fantastic, but maybe more importantly they’ve got a small, but solid selection of brunch drinks. The coconut gin fizz is the kind of brunch cocktail you could lose a Sunday to, so good you can’t stop throwing them back. I’m not usually a big gin drinker, but there’s something about it with the combo of the coconut and lime.  Whether or not you’re in Denver, a coconut gin fizz puts you in a sunny state of mind.

When I heard Dry Sparkling was launching a limited edition Serrano Pepper soda this summer, the first thing I thought of was tequila.  The second thing I thought of was Linger’s coconut gin fizz. I’ve recreated it and added Dry Sparkling’s limited edition summer release for the bubbles. To be sure, the coconut is the first flavor you get, but there’s a hint of green heat underlying the concoction.

Coconut milk pro-tip: Check your local Asian market for 100% coconut milk in a tetra-pak box. Many canned brands have extra additives and preservatives to help extend shelf life.

coconut gin fizz with dry sparkling serrano pepper | dailywaffle

The Cocorano - Coconut Gin Fizz with Dry Sparkling Serrano Pepper

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Serves: 1


  • 2 oz. gin
  • 1 oz. coconut milk (go full fat!)
  • 1 T. fresh squeezed lime juice
  • 1 T. simple syrup
  • 4 oz. Dry Sparkling Serrano Pepper
  • lime slices for garnish



Fill a cocktail shaker half full of ice. Add gin, coconut milk, lime juice and simple syrup.


Shake vigorously for 30 seconds or until your hand is freezing.


Pour the contents into a 16 oz. mason jar (do not strain) and top with Dry Sparkling Serrano Pepper.


Garnish with a lime slice and serve.


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