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What’s Crackin’? Parmigiano Reggiano

parmigiano reggiano | dailywaffleCracking open an 85-pound wheel of Parmigiano Reggiano is no simple task. On Saturday, Whole Foods hosted events across the US, Canada and UK,  with stores cracking open more than 400 wheels of Parmigiano Reggiano. This year’s event at Whole Foods Market Bellevue saw three competitors taking on the task and there was a clear cut winner.  A look at the festivities, including the crackin’ in action, after the jump.

Luke, last year’s winner, takes on the wheel and breaks off one of the tools just as he’s about done.

parmigiano reggiano parm crack whole foods winner| dailywaffle

Finished, with time to spare.

parmigiano reggiano parm crack| dailywaffle

Breaking down a wheel so I can take home a couple of fresh hunks.

parmigiano reggiano cut| dailywaffleOnce you’ve used the cheese itself, don’t throw away the rind. Stick it in the freezer and throw it into your next batch of minestrone for extra flavor.

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