The Homies: So What’s This DailyWaffle All About?

DailyWaffle montage The About page and the front page of a blog only tell you so much. Really, it’s just the last four or five things the author was thinking about — a snapshot of a few moments in time. With nominations for the Kitchn’s Homie Awards under way, this may be the first time you’re reading the DailyWaffle, so hi, and thanks for stopping by.

So what’s the story here?  The DailyWaffle is a not-so daily (more like twice a week) blog focused on modern home cooking, sharing seasonal discoveries and food you’d really make and eat.

And that’s important.  I’m a home cook and I work a full-time job so I’m aiming for are dishes and recipes  that are accessible and appealing to the home cook. As a consumer of food and food writing, I’m not interested in retreads of basic recipes you’ve seen on Pinterest a thousand times already — been there, done that, right?  Let’s update some of those old favorites.  Let’s use ingredients in a way you might not expect.  That caramel at the top? Made with soy sauce and sugar.  I wouldn’t call this an Asian food blog by any stretch, but you’ll see a lot of what I share is influenced by my half-Japanese heritage — it’s a mix of American standards with Asian flavors thrown in.

What about the waffles? There are waffle recipes now and then, but only the special ones. The truth is, most waffles around here get eaten before they can be photographed.

Despite all the guidance about picking a niche, we’re serving the diet we eat — some meat, a lot of veg, grains and of course, dessert. I dabble with vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free recipes because we’re equal opportunity eaters and I’m interested in them. I have friends who follow those diets.  Sound like you, too?  Then, let’s hang out.

DailyWaffle isn’t all recipes, all the time. There’s a bit of travel eating and cooking thrown in for good measure and the occasional essay on food news and trends, like the initial demise of Hostess. So if DailyWaffle isn’t a daily read for you yet, take a look around.

And if you’ve been here before and enjoyed what we’re putting down, if you want to give us a bump in the nominations for the Homies, I sure wouldn’t be mad at ya.

RECIPES – Clockwise: Shoyu CaramelHatch Chile PopoversVegetarian Summer Rolls with QuinoaBlue Bottle’s Liege Waffles Summer Chopped Salad with Soba NoodlesDamn Near Perfect Whole Wheat Pizza Dough

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