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Football Food: Hatch Chile Poppers

hatch chile poppers | dailywaffle

Peeling back the wrapper on a can of refrigerator biscuits and thwacking it against the edge of the counter takes me back to childhood. I’m not talking about the big flaky layer biscuits, I’m talking the cheapest ones – the skinny tube of “homestyle” or “buttermilk” refrigerator biscuits that come 10 to a can. I’ll eat them every which way, but not as baked biscuits. Most of the time, I plunk them on top of Chunky Chicken Noodle soup and let them steam up in a shortcut version of chicken and dumplings. It’s comfort food from childhood that still hits the spot to this day if I’m not feeling great.

refrigerator biscuits for hatch green chile poppers | dailywaffle

When I started thinking about these Hatch Chile poppers, pizza dough was my first inclination, but when I decided to make minis, that handy dandy ol’ refrigerator biscuit dough popped into my head. If you’re more of a crescent roll fan, have at it.  These little two-bite appetizer poppers will be a football season staple, and let’s face it, if there’s one time to make an exception to the rules of your regular diet, it’s when you’re parked in front of the TV on a Sunday.  Incidentally, you could do these with pizza dough and make them pinwheel style a la this sun-dried tomato version.

We’re closing in on the final couple of weeks of Hatch chile season, so pick up some extra and freeze them. You’re gonna want these poppers well after chile season has passed us by. Melissa’s Produce still has roasting events happening over the next couple of weekends in AZ, So. CA, NV, IL, KS, MD, NE, OH and VA. They were also kind enough to provide the hatch chiles used in this recipe.

hatch green poppers | dailywaffle

The recipe below is for one tube of biscuits – each tube will make 13 mini poppers with one square leftover. Multiply as appropriate to feed your crowd, and assume at least 2 or 3 per person.

hatch green chile poppers | dailywaffle

Hatch Green Chile Mini Poppers

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Serves: 4-6 Cooking Time: 22 minutes


  • 1 tube of buttermilk or "homestyle" refrigerator biscuits (10 to a can)
  • 3-4 medium Hatch green chiles, roasted, seeded and peeled
  • 1/2 c. smoked white cheddar cheese (Beecher's flagship, if you can get it)
  • non-stick cooking spray



Preheat oven to 400F. Spray a mini muffin pan with non-stick cooking spray and set aside.


Put the chiles into a blender and puree until just slightly chunky. You don't want them liquified. Pour the chiles into a small bowl and set aside.


Cut each biscuit into quarters and toss in the chiles until even coated. Put three biscuit pieces into each muffin cup and top with ~ 1/2 t. cheese.


Bake for 9-12 minutes until the cheese is melted and turning golden. Let cool for 2-3 minutes in the pan, then use a butter knife to loosen each one. Set them on a cooling rack to cool for another 2-3 minutes. Serve warm.


They're best eaten the same day.

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