Photo One-Off: Char Siu Chicken Legs

There are a million reasons to want to live in Hawaii — sunny days, sandy beaches, great surfing. I’m adding these char siu chicken legs to the list. Thanks to the melting pot of cultures in Hawaii, Foodland, a local grocery store chain, offers pre-marinated char siu drumsticks in the meat department. These are definitely in the, “Why didn’t I think of that?” category. You know char siu pork is good, so why not char siu chicken legs?

Yes, they’re that terrifying red dye #5 color, but they’re delicious. These drumsticks come already marinated (at least overnight, I’d say, since the color sinks in as far as the first bite), and I baked them for 30-35 minutes at 400F and broiled them for another 3-5. It doesn’t look like Foodland divulges their recipe, so it could be as simple as a bottled marinade. It looks like I’ve got a little experimenting to do.

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  1. GMarie says:

    oooh! keep me updated; i love char siu! in terms of scary red dyes, go for beet powder ( don’t be scared, it isn’t at all ‘beet-y,’ just vaguely sweet and a little earthy. i use it when i make tandoori chicken, and in combination with paprika it makes a vibrant red color with STAYING power (yeah, wear an apron. *sigh). love it when all-natural solutions have just as good of results as their chemical cousins. 😉 i use a little pinch when i make pink grapefruit bars, too…

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