Thanksgiving – What’s New?

I’m channeling Andy Rooney today…

Once Halloween comes and goes, it’s Christmas. Somewhere in between there, Thanksgiving has just gotten lost in the shuffle. You hardly get to enjoy fall before retailers are jamming Santa and Rudolph and wreaths and holly down your throat. What happened to Thanksgiving and turkey and pilgrims and Indian corn (whoops that’s not PC) and harvest feasts?

It’s the one time of year you crave your grandma’s stuffing (whether that’s oyster, cornbread, sausage or just plain bread) and it just wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without [insert your favorite here]. Yet, if you’ve read all the November issues of the food mags or watched Food Network in the last couple of weeks — it’s really about creating new traditions (and new additions) to your Thanksgiving menu.

So what joins our menu this year? These are the two things I’m considering:

Parmesan-stuffed dates wrapped in bacon
This recipe was originally posted two years ago because A.O.C. in LA had been serving something similar on their menu.

Spinach and Cheese Puff
There’s that Everyday Food again. It’s apparently a side dish, but I’m thinking it’ll be an appetizer, maybe more like a spinach dip? Course w/ 3 eggs it may end up pretty firm. We’ll play with it.

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