Jam On It

So what do you with about a half a dozen yellow nectarines that weren’t prepared for a 2-day heatwave? Whoops, meant to eat those out of hand. Forget about trying to peel them – they’re soft enough now that you’ll be lucky to be able to halve them and get the pits out.
Step 1: Admit defeat.
Step 2: Just make some refrigerator jam.
Step 3: Dig through old July/August issues of Everyday Food. Ah yes, 2004. Peach jam. Close enough. I’d link here, but Martha’s search feature isn’t showing 2004 recipes. Halve and pit nectarines and cut them into 1/2 in. pieces.

Add 1/4 c. water, cook a few minutes until the nectarines start to break down. Mash ’em with a potato masher to desired consistency. Add 1 c. of sugar (the recipe says 3 c. — oh-my-god) and cook 15 minutes until the thing breaks down.

This is the finished product. The skins have broken down — see, why peel them?! — and the jam has taken on a lovely sunset hue. Add 1 T. lemon juice and let cool. Voila! No jam jars around here, so this is stored in a Gladware container in my fridge. Eat in a month and no worrying about boiling jars and actual real canning.

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